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We are a small family-owned business borne out of passion. Each and every one of us brings a different sparkle to the table, which combined makes us a unique unit. Let me give you an insight into the Sandalwood family's talents....

My husband's talents are multi-faceted, from his engineering background through to his logistical prowess and punctuality. My skills are of a softer nature, as I love meeting our clients and creating florals to suit their style. My daughters are armed with youthful ideas, an eye for detail and run our social media accounts. And as our son, he is forever dreaming up and modelling new ideas for our clients, with his craftsmanship skills at hand.

Neha mendhi final-194.jpg

We set up this business in 2019. After much ado over the dinner tablewe finally settled on 'Sandalwood Events' as the name, given the sacred significance of Sandalwood in Hinduism combined with it being our favourite household scent!

The following year, the pandemic decimated our hopes and dreams for Sandalwood, but we somehow continued believing. In 2021, as fate would have it, and despite the COVID restrictions on weddings continuing well into mid-summer, we were blessed with the opportunity to fulfil the dreams of many lovely couples that entrusted us with their big day that year.

And we have not looked back since...



Sandalwood Events was borne out of passion rather than necessity. We had the opportunity to start this business of our calling and, not ones to shy away from challenges, here we are letting our creativity speak for itself


When you trust us with your décor, you are working with a family, not just a team of suppliers. You have Mahendra's technical skills, my floral passion, our daughters' softness and our son's creative brilliancy at all times


Whilst we work together to design your special day, we oftentimes add some unmentioned magical details on the day itself, to give you that little element of surprise and excitement on a day you have so meticulously planned


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